It only seems right to celebrate the first Friday of Winter 2014 by celebrating some of the best moments of GATA Winter Academy (sort of). Despite being snowed out in Day 1, we managed to cram a lot of teaching and learning into this week. Remember?

  • Remember when we had Professor Frink teach us about copyright? Couldn’t we all use a little more Professor Frink in our lives? Well here’s a Professor Frink soundboard collecting his best moments for you to enjoy daily. And maybe incorporate into your teaching. “Professor Frink, Professor Frink. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you think.”
  • Remember when we had to rate each other’s handshakes? Talk about wounded pride. And while the difficulty in assessing something like handshakes was an example for assessment can go awry without clear criteria, maybe we should all take a refresher on what makes a good (or bad) handshake. So here’s this pleasant video tutorial entitled “How To Shake a Hand”.
  • Remember when we learned about CANSIM with the good folks from the Academic Data Centre? We learned that data has its uses and its limits. But did you know that data makes for great satire? Introducing @stats_canada, the parody Twitter account that tweets things like “74% of Canadians have cracked open their third box of Pot of Gold so far”.

But most of all, remember this: no matter how busy you were this week, and no matter how much winter can suck, always make time to have fun in the snow. And don’t care if people are watching you.



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