It seems like just the other week we were talking about making the time for personal/professional development, and even more recently we extolled the virtues of connecting with your colleagues. But let’s get real: there aren’t always enough hours in the day, especially in the summer, when those hours take a back seat to more important things, like ‘frolf‘.

Praise be to the Internet, which has made it possible to complete some of these tasks, at least in part, at our own pace and on our own time. So many workshops and conferences these days include an online and social media element that it’s easy to reap at least some of the benefit even when it’s impossible to attend in person. One such conference we’ve talked about lately, the Windsor – Oakland Conference on Teaching and Learning, recently made materials from its workshops available on its website. Consider this your second chance to see the exciting research being done on teaching and learning by your colleagues both at Windsor and across the border.

Follow the link below to view PowerPoints, videos, and other materials from sessions from both days of Windsor – Oakland.


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