“Friday Fun Blogging”

On July 18, 2014, in Being a GA/TA, Laughs, We Made It: It's Friday, by gregorynpaziuk

Someone close to this blog recently described our end-of-week posts as our “Friday fun blog”. In the spirit of that comment, we’ve collected the following items for your review.

  • If fun is your thing, you should probably throw your hat into the ring in the fight to become UWindsor’s next “Winston”. The University recently put out a call for applicants to the position of “Winston the Mascot”, that lovable knight that is seen at events all over campus.
  • If you’ve ever sat on a beach, looked out across an ocean, and wondered what exactly is on the other side from where you’re sitting, the people at relativelyintersting.com probably just solved one of life’s greatest mysteries for you.
  • Given the fun we get up to here on Fridays, we often find ourselves debating what counts as academic work. Surely, the above wouldn’t count by a long shot, but the question tends to permeate through everything you do as a GA/TA. That’s why we think you’ll enjoy Mellonie Fullick’s article, “By the Numbers“, a useful look at how we as scholars ascribe worth to our work. (Thanks to @writerlyjill for bringing the article to our attention.)

Happy Friday!


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