The lineup of workshops for GATAcademy 2014 has been released, registration is open, and so starts the difficult task of figuring out just which workshops to attend.

GATAcademy 2014 PCWhen Is GATAcademy?

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014, 9:00am-2:30pm. Workshops commence in three time slots: 9:00, 10:45, and 1:00. This means you can register for just one workshop or register for workshops throughout the day.

Where Does It Take Place?

Participants will spend their day in the lovely Erie Hall and Lambton Tower. These just so happen to be the homes of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Open Learning, and the Teaching and Learning Technologies team, so think of this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with all three services.

What IS GATAcademy, Anyway?

The scoop on GATAcademy is that it’s a full-day professional development event for graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs). That means a full day of workshops designed to help you improve as a teacher, a professional, and a person (not that we’re saying you need it). GATAcademy is an opportunity for new and returning GA/TAs – and really just anyone interested in teaching and learning – to ask questions, share strategies, and hopefully gain the type of clarity and confidence that squashes all those nagging fears we have as educators.

Gatacademy2014-11x17This year’s facilitators are a diverse group of experienced GAs, TAs, staff, and instructors from departments all over campus. GATAcademy is also a great opportunity to meet other GAs/TAs, connect with teaching and learning professionals, share your experiences, ask questions, and form your own support network.

Find out more about the exciting workshops offered this year and their facilitators by visiting the registration site at A brief preview of titles is included below. You’ll notice a good mix of returning favourites – such as Effective Explanations and Teaching With Stats and Data – and meaningful new topics – such as Academic Integrity and Life as an Online or Blended Course GA/TA.

  • Effective Explanations with Michael K. Potter
  • Professional Practice: Understanding Issues in Professionalism for the 21st Century with John Antoniw, Ruxandra Nahaiciuc, and Natasha Obradovich
  • The First Day with Phil Graniero
  • Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom with Enrique Chacón
  • Teaching With Technology – The Fun, the Cool, and the Efficient Stuff… with Lorna Stolarchuk, Alicia Higgison, and Adam Wright
  • Grading and Feedback with Allyson Skene
  • Academic Integrity with Joanna Marzec
  • Providing an Effective Lab Experience with Julie Smit, Sarah Lehnert, and Kyle Wellband
  • Teaching With Stats and Data: Tools, Tips, and Tricks with Kristi Thompson and Dan Edelstein
  • Publishing, Copyright, and Open Access with Dave Johnston
  • Life as an Online or Blended Course GA/TA: Navigating the Technology Minefield with Nick Baker
  • Active Learning: Effective Tutorials and Dynamic Discussions with Beth Kuhn

Why You Should Care

Here’s the kicker…there is no cost to participate for UWindsor students and you don’t have to be a current GA/TA to participate. Think of it as a friendly crash course / training camp / support group with a FREE lunch.

How You Can Participate

These workshops tend to fill up fast, so register today by visiting

This is also your chance to register for the FREE lunch. Once you have, be sure to email Marilyn at with any allergies or dietary needs (no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014).