Weekly Link RoundUp- v1

Let’s try something fun in 2015! (You should try something fun in 2015 too, I think! Pick something fun and put it in your calendar. I’ll wait………)

Well done!

Now, on to a fun blog thing for an Open Learning 2015 Challenge: I’d like us to connect and share more. So I’m going to start. Each week, I’m going to post a Weekly Link RoundUp and share some of our favourite content from around the web. On learning, education, online and open learning, digital citizenship, maybe even a humour one will sneak in from time to time- you’ll have to stop in to see!

Now is where I ask you a favour…a few favours.

    1. Come back each week and have a look a the new list. Maybe add us to your Feedly list and you don’t even have to type in the URL!
    2. Comment. Share your thoughts on a link, share your own Weekly Link RoundUp!
    3. If you like the list, or anything on it, share it with your friends and family. Through email or word of mouth or your social networks or all three! (the rule of three is fun and wonderful.)

Thanks so much!

Without further delay, the inaugural v1 of the Open Learning Weekly RoundUp!

1. 10 Things Instructional Designers Don’t Like to Hear by Jennifer Valley. This is a funny look at 10 potential adventures you may encounter as an instructional designer. Jennifer presents them as characters, and gives some constructive ways of how to get around these particular issues. Highlights include: Outdated Oakley, ClipArt Carol, and my personal favourite: PowerPoint Pat. Lots of good info to read in a fun way!

PowerPointPat- image by Jennifer Valley

2. Giving and Getting Free (& Beautiful!) Images by Jackie Van Nice. We’ve all had the same thought at least once while blogging: “but what picture?“ Jackie offers a quick read and great resource to tackle that specific issue in an the spirit of open educational resources.  I like the idea behind contributing to the same open network you borrow from. And this offers such an easy way to do that, with inspiration along the way if you’re stuck trying to think of a great something to post.

3. Talk Nerdy to Me by Melissa Marshall. Open admission here that I am a TEDTalk junkie. Melissa starts off her short speech (only 4:34!) appealing to scientists and engineers. She gets right at the heart of the issue which is: how do you get regular old lamen folk to understand and care about your life’s work? Completely worth the less-than-5-minutes.

“Science not communicated is science not done” -Melissa Marshall.

4. Improving Faculty Attitudes about Online Teaching by Michelle Pacansky-Brock. Part of our role here at Open Learning is to guide instructors pedagogically through the process of bringing their traditionally face-to-face classes into an online setting. Whether you’re an instructor considering the possibility of a change, or you’re in a similar position to our team- this article breaks down the process in a very understandable way. It even has data! and graphs! and references!


Can you relate? Have anything to share? Are you getting that little fifth grader in your head, waving their hand at the front of the classroom like “Oh I have something to share, pick me, pick me, pick meeeee!” For once, we like that kid. SHARE WITH US!



5 thoughts on “Weekly Link RoundUp- v1

  1. Great idea for a regular post! Thanks so much for including me – such a nice surprise! Keep up the good work. :)

    • Thanks! I’m admittedly not very good with Bookmarking, and I love to share what I think is great- so this seemed like a great meeting point! Your blog is great, thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

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