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By Mark Lubrick

Dec12_APowersoft_12Apps_picWelcome to day five of our 12 Apps of Christmas!  Today I am talking about my favourite free screen recorder the Apowersoft  Free Online Screen Recorder.  As you will see, this can let you record unlimited videos on any device.

There is a desktop version, but I would suggest you try out the online screen recorder.  The first time you use it by clicking the “Start Recording” button, you will have to install a file, but it is quite small and does not hog your computers resources like some screen recorders.  Since the recorder runs through your browser, it should work for any device.  If you don’t want to have a Watermark on your videos, you will need to sign up for a free account; however, this just requires giving an email address and then punching in the verification code they send to get a lifetime licence.   After that, there are no watermarks, no limits on the number of videos, no limits on file sizes, and no limits on resolution.

A GIF that shows Apowersoft recording the screen where the Apowersoft webpage is displayed.  It also shows the recording interface.  The cursor has a yellow highlight around it and a black circle is shown whenever anything is clicked on.  The annotation tool is selected and some black lines are scribbled on the screen.  Then the webcam is selected and appears on the screen. The person in the webcam waves and then the box containing the webcam is moved, before the GIF resets and replays.

The Free Online Screen Recorder will let you record your screen or webcam videos.  It also has a range of features you can add to your videos. You can see some of these features if you click the GIF above (made with this program) including you can annotate the screen, add highlights to the cursor (including when you click on something), and do picture-in-picture with your webcam.  You also have a range of file formats to output, including GIF and mp4.

Another fantastic feature is that once you have shot your video, you have the option to do some simple cutting.  If you see the image below, the blue lines represent the cuts you can make.  By dragging them along the time track, you can cut off the beginning or ending of the video (i.e. you starting or stopping the recording).  While advanced editing is not included, this is likely enough for many people to produce short, and simple videos.

Shows the editing interface for Apowersoft.  It has a play button on the left beside the timeline.  Overtop the timeline, is a blue bar which can be dragged on either end to cut the beginning or ending of the video.  The save button is on the far right.

Remember this is a free program, so if you are an instructor who wants students to create videos, they can use it too.  I strongly suggest trying it out and if you need some help or simply want to chat about the possibilities, please contact me.

Today’s post also comes with the bonus that Apowersoft has a range of other tools (some free and some not).  Some of the other free tools I like include the Free Screen Capture tool (used to make the image above), the Free Online Video Converter for converting from one video format to another (including GIF), and the Android Recorder, which lets you record your android screen for free.  If you try any of the other programs and want to recommend them, please make a comment to let us all know.

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