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Blackboard Learn is the Learning Management System (LMS) that the University of Windsor supports. These online courses featured below, are designed to provide valuable information and corresponding self-learning activities for instructors and their assistants, to help learn, use and configure Blackboard Learn. Please note, these courses are NOT facilitated, and there won't be any instructor interaction. If you would like face-to-face support we would be happy to help, so check out the Name Your Topic! offerings at http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbworkshops

Please register for the courses you feel are most aligned with your teaching and learning goals, and you will be added to an online course to complete at your own pace.

For example, instructors who desire using the system to provide basic communications, some online assessments, and grading components would be encouraged to register for the following sequence of courses:
  • Getting Started
  • Assessing Learners
  • Monitoring Student Performance
PLEASE BE PATIENT AND CHECK YOUR EMAIL. It may take at least an hour or two to synchronize your registration into the course site(s). You will receive an email with instructions when it has completed. If you wish to cancel your access to a course, please complete a Service Request and specify the course code in your request, rather than using the Withdraw option with this page.

Face-to-Face Workshops Available (Open and Faculty Specific) Too!

Face-to-face Blackboard Learn Workshop Registration page - Open
Faculty Specific Workshop Registration Page

Self-paced and other workshops

1.0 Learn Teaching Essentials for Original LE-O-W22-01

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
This non-facilitated online course is designed for faculty, teachers, course builders, trainers, and departmental support who are new to Blackboard Learn. Specifically, in this course you will learn:
  • the basics of building courses by adding content into Blackboard.
  • how to enhance communication, using the Discussion tool, the Groups tool, and basic functions of the Virtual Classroom, Blackboard Collaborate.
  • how to assess learners, using the Assignments and Tests tools.
  • to evaluate your course and reflect on your course design.
Time Investment: 2-3 hours. This course is appropriate for new Blackboard users and those looking for a refresher on the core features of Blackboard

2.0 Learn Advanced Teaching for Original LA-O-W22-01

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
This non-facilitated online course is designed for faculty, teachers, course builders, trainers, and Departmental Support who are interested in exploring more advanced topics of Blackboard including the following:
  • Monitoring Student Performance which includes Preparing for Success, Grade Center Basics, Grade Center Advanced, Working with Grades, Retention Center, and Troubleshooting Student Performance.
  • Building Online Communities which includes Online Communities Overview, Making the Most of Discussions, Working with Wikis, Collaborating with Groups, and Evaluating Students.
  • Designing Engaging Content which includes Plans and Possibilities, Preparing Your Content, Creating Your Lessons, and Customizing Content Delivery.
Time Investment: 2-3 hours. This course is appropriate for experienced users and those looking for advanced topics in Blackboard.

3. Teaching in a Blackboard Learning Environment TBLEUTC-O-S19-01

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
Blackboard Teaching in a Blackboard Learning Environment – TBLE (Online) will introduce current or future instructors to the essential components of a well-designed and implemented Blackboard course site experience for their students. This is an online course with lessons and activities that provide you with the experience of being both an instructor and a student in an online environment. TBLE participants can apply concepts in this course to a f-2-f, hybrid, or totally online course at the University of Windsor. The course includes five online modules, with quizzes, exercises, and assessments.
Module Topics include:
  • Navigating Blackboard
  • Essential Communication and Sharing Content
  • Discussions - Creating and Managing
  • Creating and Managing Assessments
  • Grade Centre Crash Course
There is an option for eligible UTC participants who have completed the Course Design course to apply this as partial fulfilment towards the UTC.
Please note, there is no instructor interaction in this course (except for UTC participants).
Time Investment: 7-10 hours. Appropriate for Faculty and Course Builders new to Blackboard Learn for instructors who wish to complete the course, but without the UTC element.
UTC participants should expect to take the amount of time required for all 6-week courses (18 hours) plus project development time.

8. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – BBCULTRA-O-W20-01

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
This course is organized into modules (see below). Each module contains lesson content and some with activities. You can jump between the modules in any order you like. However, for the most optimal learning experience, we recommend that you go through the course sequentially.
  • Module 1: An Overview of Collaborate - This module will introduce you to the Ultra experience.
  • Module 2: Collaborate Ultra Essential Features - Within this module, you will learn the basics of using the tools within a session.
  • Module 3: Communication- In module three you will explore the features used for communicating in Collaborate Ultra.
  • Module 4: Content Sharing Tools - This module will introduce you to the tools for sharing content.
  • Course Completion - This section contains additional resources and advanced help.
Please note: There is no instructor interaction in this course.
Time Investment: 3-5 hours. Appropriate for - Faculty, Administrators, IT Staff, Support Staff, Project Leads, Instructional Designers.