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Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online (Note: clicking links on this page will open them up in a new window)
Blackboard Teaching in a Blackboard Learning Environment – TBLE (Online) will introduce current or future instructors to the essential components of a well-designed and implemented Blackboard course site experience for their students. This is an online course with lessons and activities that provide you with the experience of being both an instructor and a student in an online environment. TBLE participants can apply concepts in this course to a f-2-f, hybrid, or totally online course at the University of Windsor. The course includes five online modules, with quizzes, exercises, and assessments.

Module Topics include:
  • Navigating Blackboard
  • Essential Communication and Sharing Content
  • Discussions - Creating and Managing
  • Creating and Managing Assessments
  • Grade Centre Crash Course
There is an option for eligible UTC participants who have successfully completed the Course Design course to apply this as partial fulfilment towards the UTC. Note: Participants must apply to and be accepted into the UTC for this to apply.
Please note, there is no instructor interaction in this course (except for UTC participants).
Time Investment: 7-10 hours. Appropriate for Faculty and Course - Builders new to Blackboard Learn for instructors who wish to complete the course, but without the UTC element.
UTC participants should expect to take the amount of time required for all 6-week courses (18 hours) plus project development time.

Further training or one-on-one consultations for Blackboard are available at uwindsor.ca/bbworkshops.
Other online self-paced courses to learn Blackboard are available at http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbonline

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