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Sharpie Sandbox We Want You!GATAcademy is back and bigger than ever for 2015. That means we are looking for volunteers again to help ensure one of UWindsor’s largest personal and professional development events runs smoothly as usual.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with the organizing team is one of the best ways to experience GATAcademy. As a volunteer, you’ll be relied upon as a leader, a problem-solver, a knowledgeable guide, and a friendly face. We’ll make sure people know all about your contributions, too, by providing you with a snazzy, official letter outlining the ways you helped make GATAcademy 2015 the best. You’ll also build a network of peers while developing your resume and CV.

Choose Your Role

We try to match our volunteers to a role they are interested in and that plays to their specific strengths. Can you spot yourself in any of the descriptions below?

Building Hosts

Consider yourself both gracious host and air traffic control. Participants will be looking to you to answer their questions about workshops, the schedule, directions between sessions, technical support, and just about anything that comes up. You may also be called upon by workshop leaders or assistants to troubleshoot in case of an emergency.

Communications Specialist

We’re talking about communication in all of its splendid forms: offering directions to participants, carrying messages, assisting with tech support, and even monitoring the conversation on social media. Some general knowledge of technology will serve you well here. You’ll be the eyes and ears of the event.

Registration Officer

As the directors of first impressions, those working at the registration desk will greet participants, locate them on our registration list, and provide them with their name tag, a program, handouts, and more. The registration desk will be the event hub, so working there will also mean that you will be called upon to answer a lot of questions about the workshops, the event schedule, and how to get around.

Break-Room Boss

We’ll be counting on you to help make sure both the lunch and coffee breaks go smoothly. You will be working with Marilyn Powley and catering services to set-up the food and refreshment area, arranging tables and chairs and making sure the space is organized and inviting. As supervisors, it is also your job to politely remind participants to enjoy their food while also leaving enough sandwiches for everyone.

Workshop Assistants

You’ll be counted on to help make sure workshops run according to plan. Work one-on-one with presenters, introduce the session, and use your technological know-how to squash any technical difficulties that may arise. A workshop assistant is a flexible and knowledgeable individual who can act as an aid for our workshop presenters.

***We’ll also be looking for volunteers to help set up for the event the day before, on Wednesday, September 2nd. That may include setting up workshop rooms, putting up signage, and coordinating the movement of supplies.***

Sign Up NOW

Let us know you’d like to join the GATAcademy 2015 organizing team by filling out our survey. Don’t worry, it’s short.

GATAcademy Volunteer Sign Up Survey

Please note: Due to high demand, we may not be able to include everyone. Just remember, GATAcademy is FREE to GA/TAs (with a FREE lunch), so you’re welcome to register and attend regardless.


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