Multimodal Mondays for your Monday Blahs

On November 10, 2014, in Monday Motivation, Teaching Tips, by gregorynpaziuk

Maybe it’s the mid-semester blahs or the looming finals’ marking crunch, but Mondays seem to be a particularly harsh brand of torture for teachers, amiright?

Image courtesy of garfieldh8smondays

Image courtesy of garfieldh8smondays

Usually this is where we would share a LifeHack or a “Teaching Tip” as potential cures for your case of the Mondays. But when it gets right down to it, all you really need to love Mondays again is to be reminded that what you’re doing can be exciting (once you’ve answered all of those emails).

Enter “Multimodal Mondays“, a weekly initiative of the Bits blog from Bedford/St. Martins. The blog, which focuses mainly on the teaching of writing, provides a new and exciting teaching strategy every Monday that focuses on inventive ways of incorporating multimodal elements into lessons (e.g., different forms of communication, such as aural, visual, gestural, etc.). The posts typically cover things like how to use social media to build community in the classroom, rethinking written assignments in visual forms, and so on…all ideas that can apply to any classroom, regardless of subject matter.

So if today is your Monday that just won’t die, why not make the most of it by reading up on what’s hot, new, and happening in the world of teaching?

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