Ahh, your job includes taking care of the Blackboard website for your professor! That sounds daunting, but with an introduction to the tools you’ll be using, you will see that Blackboard has some organizing and timesaving features that can help you and your students keep on top of the course work. During this session, you will be introduced to:

  • deciphering CLEW to Blackboard jargon;
  • finding help when using Blackboard;
  • uploading course material to your site;
  • creating an announcement and sending an email to all students;
  • customizing your site by managing your site tools;
  • inline grading of an assignment (with SafeAssign)
  • posting and grading of a discussion thread;
  • posting grades into the Grade Centre, and;
  • tips and tricks for using Blackboard.

Other topics may be discussed, time permitting.

Schedule: Tuesday, February 09, 2016, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Location: Lambton 2103
Instructors: Tim Au-YeungTomas Dobos

Spaces limited – Register at:  http://cleo.uwindsor.ca/workshops/80/#wkshp-1338


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