Does it seem like you’re missing your bed more than ever now that reading week is over? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here are a few tips to help you get back into action:

1)   Start your day off with a well-balanced breakfast. Many studies have demonstrated that eating breakfast can improve concentration, energy levels, and metabolic function throughout the rest of the day.

2)   Be mindful of distractions. Managing distracting sensory input is an important factor in increasing productivity. Give yourself periods of time to mute your phone and dive into your work.

3)   Organize & Prioritize. Group tasks and allocate times to work on different projects based on their priority level. You may be surprised at how efficient your workday become.

4)   Systematically approach your email inbox. Start by mass deleting junk mail and emails that lead to sidetracking. Next, address the latest email in your inbox; take quick action and move to the next email. Consider temporarily archiving emails that do not need immediate attention.

5)   Finally, for every hour of work you do, take a 10-minute recharge break. Grab a drink, stretch, and reevaluate your goals to confirm you’re making progress.

Be sure to watch the following animated video to explore the surprising truth about what motivates us:


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