Lifelong learning can be regarded as the continuous, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge throughout one’s earthly existence. Lifelong learning fosters an open mind and encourages adaptability when faced with change. Lifelong learning can also support you in your quest to discover meaning in life.

So now that you are able to recognize the value in lifelong learning, you’re probably wondering how you might engage in this journey? It is worth noting that you may be confronted by some commonly perceived barriers along the way, i.e., time, money, information, or location; however, these barriers are simply not enough to unequivocally prevent you from being a lifelong learner.

The following steps are a set of suggestions for how to approach the idea of lifelong learning.

Step 1: Modify your idea of learning to extend outside of the formal classroom.

Step 2: Develop a growth mindset.

Step 3: Set goals for yourself.

Step 4: Ask questions, and then ask more questions.

Step 5: Build a Personal Learning Network (PLN) comprised of both online and in person sources.

Being a lifelong learner takes time and practice. Luckily, technology has come a long way in supporting ubiquitous learning experiences and will likely only continue to develop in this regard. Check out this highly relatable comic that might help to set the tone for your lifelong learning journey.

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