It’s back – our favoured tradition here at the University of Windsor where faculty, students, and staff gather every Fall for a unique day of workshopping called GATAcademy. This means a full day of teaching and learning workshops designed especially for graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs). This year, the tradition continues on Wednesday, September 7thWill you be joining us?

You can be the first to register by visiting Here you’ll find detailed descriptions of each workshop and brief introductions from the talented individuals leading them.


Being a GA or TA is a truly unique experience. That’s partly because no two GA/TA positions are the same, but it’s also because of the incredible impact those roles can have on your personal and professional development. GATAcademy is all about making sure GAs/TAs are fully prepared for the exciting opportunities before them. Whether you’re a GA/TA for the first time this Fall, or even if you’ve been a GA/TA a dozen times before, GATAcademy is a chance to refresh, review, and reconnect. Consider GATAcademy an open invitation to get in touch with your student teacher identity and meet some other student teachers along the way. Come with questions; leave with answers and resources on where to find them. GATAcademy is the first step towards building your new support network.

Here’s the best part: the whole event is FREE to GAs and TAs. That includes a FREE lunch.

The Details

What:  GATAcademy 2016: A Day of Personal and Professional Development
  Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
9:00am – 2:30pm
Where: Odette Building
Who: GAs, TAs, and students interested in teaching and learning are all welcome

We’ve collected a group of seasoned veterans from the UWindsor teaching circuit to lead this year’s workshops, including a few national award winners. The day will be broken into three sessions, and participants register for individual workshops, so your participation can be as full or as limited as you see fit. Many workshops will be repeated in more than one session, so you can build your schedule to avoid missing out on your favourite topics.

Workshops and presenters will include as follows:

  • Assisting with Marking with Alexandra Gayowsky, Marissa Reaume
  • Conducting Effective Labs and Tutorials with Phil Graniero, Jacqueline Stagner
  • Culturally Competent Communication, Teaching & Learning with Marcela Ciampa
  • How do you know when your teaching is working with Jenni Hotte
  • Individual Differences in Students and Academic Risk-Taking with Ashlyne O’Neil , Joan Craig , Kathryn Lafreniere
  • Teaching with Technology with Elizabeth Ismail, Alicia Higgison
  • Designing Lessons with Pierre Boulos, Michelle Krieger
  • Ethical Issues Encountered by GAs and TAs with Kathryn Lafreniere, Kristin Schramer
  • Introducing Blackboard with Tim Au-Yeung, Tomas Dobos, Allyson Skene, Lorna Stolarchuk
  • Student, Researcher, Teaching Assistant: Balancing the Demands of Graduate School with Ashlyne O’Neil , Joan Craig
  • The First Day with Dwayne Barris, Kristy Smith
  • Copyright, Publishing and Open Access with Dave Johnston


Register Today

These workshops tend to fill up fast, so make sure you register ASAP to guarantee a seat in those workshops you find most interesting. Visit to register today!

This is also your chance to register for the FREE lunch. Once you have, be sure to email Marilyn at with any allergies or dietary needs (no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday, August 26th, 2016).


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