Provost’s November Question of the Month

On November 17, 2016, in UWindsor, by Elizabeth Ismail

Its that time again!


Over the next few months, the University of Windsor will be negotiating its next Strategic Mandate Agreement with the province. This agreement outlines what makes our university unique, what our strengths and priorities are, and where we’re headed over the next three to four years. One part of that process is proposing new academic programs that we will develop in line with our vision and the government’s priorities.

Some key elements: new programs have to be innovative, both in content and in how we deliver them. And they should also include an experiential or work-integrated learning component that will enhance and further develop skills students can take into their employment after graduation.

This month’s question is:

What new, innovative, experiential/work-integrated learning types of programs would you like to see developed here at the University of Windsor? Or to put that another way, what programs do you wish UWindsor had had when you were applying to come here?

This Month’s Prize:
A University of Windsor Hoodie

Submission deadline:
November 30, 2016

Please send your response to


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