The Provost’s Question of the Month for March 2017 is: 

Who or what at the University of Windsor has helped you to stick with it?

Please send your response to by March 30 for a chance to win a UWindsor hoodie!


Background Information to Inspire Your Answer…. 

We want the University of Windsor to become an increasingly attractive learning environment and home away from home for students. So this year, the University of Windsor is reviewing…

  • how it recruits students;
  • how they experience their acceptance and transition to university;
  • how they like the student experience here; and
  • what makes them stay.

You’ve probably seen our new promotional campaign – – appearing in cinemas, on billboards, in the media, and on our campus.  The Promise campaign grew out of student, faculty and community perceptions of the potential for personal and intellectual growth that UWindsor offers.

Student recruitment – attracting a new generation of students – is obviously a big focus for us.  But keeping students enrolled and deeply engaged – from first year to second, from second to third, and so on, right through to a timely and successful graduation – is even more important.

We know that many different obstacles prevent or discourage students from progressing, year after year, toward their degree – personal, academic, economic.  We want to identify solutions and establish supports that give students the resilience, confidence, and inspiration to persevere and to excel – but it would help us a lot to know more, from you, about what you think.

So….This month’s question is: 

Who or what at the University of Windsor has helped you to stick with it?