Graduate and Teaching Assistants!!!

We would like to share with you Volume 7 of the Teaching Innovation Projects (TIPs) Journal. TIPs is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims to improve teaching strategies and student learning in higher education contexts. Written primarily by graduate students, articles describe the scholarly and pedagogical foundations for workshops on specific educational approaches. Each contribution to the issue includes a comprehensive list of learning outcomes, annotated review of relevant literature, and detailed breakdown of potential learning activities.

This latest issue includes nine articles representing authors from Anatomy, Biology, Education, English, Geography, Math, Music, and Psychology at Western University and the University of Waterloo. The articles approach teaching and learning from discipline-specific perspectives but the majority of the workshops are applicable beyond the authors’ disciplines. Article topics include:

  • Preparing teaching dossiers
  • Implementing critical questioning techniques
  • Communicating rationale in laboratory protocols
  • Choosing effective multimedia demonstrations
  • Engaging students in math lectures
  • Using trigger warnings in sensitive discussions
  • Examining threshold concepts and confusion as pedagogical tools in literary classrooms
  • Using active learning techniques to promote equity and inclusion
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome in the classroom

You can access these (and previous) TIPs articles here: The rich body of workshops and resources emerging from TIPs are free for use or adaptation by all members of the higher education community.


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