Preparing a Lesson Plan

On January 24, 2011, in Being a GA/TA, Teaching Tips, by Melanie Santarossa
2 huge piles of notebooksI love lesson planning. But if you would have asked me how I felt about lesson planning during my first semester teaching as a graduate instructor, I would have responded with “Aarrgh!” or an equivalent sentiment. How much time do I allot for each activity? What if I talk to much? What if I don’t talk enough? What if we run out of things to do before the end of class time? These were only a sample of the questions that plagued me. Luckily, I had a very supportive supervisor who took the time to offer loads of advice into preparing a good lesson plan. His insights got me through the first two weeks or so of classes, until I could find my lesson planning groove, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

As one of the members of the GATA Network Development Team, I have come into contact with some of you (and your colleagues) who have expressed the same fear over lesson planning that I once harboured. To relieve their worries (which might also be your own) and to pay it forward, I thought to provide you all with a Lesson Planning Template (2010) (courtesy of the CTL) which has helped me tremendously in my teaching experience.

Once you give it a whirl, let us know how it went. And for those of you who already have an outline that suits your discipline/teaching style, how does it differ from the one provided for you here?