Let’s Twitter Together

On September 11, 2014, in Laughs, Tools, by gregorynpaziuk

Twitter is a wonderful thing if you use it right. No doubt you’re aware of all the furor created by Twitter’s decision to change how you view tweets. It’s a big issue in academia, where scholars are decrying a loss in functionality, a commercialization of an important forum for engagement, and a standardization of a highly individualistic archival tool. We agree. We also wonder if the new feed will prevent us from learning things like the fact that Maya Angelou has her own hip-hop album.

In all seriousness though, we thought we’d take this Friday (“Funday”) to celebrate one of our favourite things about Twitter: Grammar YUNiversity. Otherwise known as @The_YUNiversity, this Twitter account is one of the most informative resources on grammar issues that isn’t at all pretentious or stuffy. Don’t believe us? Enjoy this sampling of especially special tweets:

Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4

And that’s just September! Find more grammarly goodness by following @The_YUNiversity.

Happy Friday!