Learning With GIFs

On September 26, 2014, in Laughs, We Made It: It's Friday, by gregorynpaziuk

What do you know about Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs)? Maybe you use them to comment on internet issues. Maybe you’re an expert and have taken part in some of the pretty heated debates on how to pronounce “GIF”. But have you ever thought about the artistic or educational value of GIFs? We have, and so we’re sharing some of those thoughts (w/ links) to give you a much needed break from real issues this Friday.

  • Can GIFs be art? Yes. At least according to MJ Franklin at Mashable. And given the body of evidence he assembles in “10 Mesmerizing Illustrations That Prove GIFs Are Art“, it’s hard not to agree.
  • If all this teaching and learning sinks in and you make a career of it, you might one day experience the world of academic publishing. If you do, you’ll likely wonder what your editor really thinks of your work (because, as scholars, we are all naturally suspicious and emotionally fragile). Life in Academic Publishing offers a unique window into the editor’s mind (with GIFs).
  • Speaking of GIFs, scientists are working right now on unlocking the unused potential of these animated images. As it turns out, much of this potential is tied up in learning possibilities. Take, for instance, this list of 20 Gifs That Teach You Science Concepts Better Than Your Teacher Probably Can. Or as we like to think of it, “20 Gifs You Can Use to Teach Science”.

Happy Friday!