Isn’t that just like Canadian winter, standing in the way of teaching and learning and progress of any kind?

Yes, Jill Jones’ workshop on The First Day was cancelled this morning due to the snowpocalypse. But don’t despair! Jill has provided us with the slides and workbook from her presentation, and now we’re sharing them with you (click the links below). Here’s a little preview of Jill’s views on the first day of class as a student teacher:

Congratulations, you are a Teaching Assistant. But what should you do on the first day of classes? Reading the syllabus aloud while everyone follows along seems a little boring, and you always hated when professors did that. Let me help you make the first day of classes informative and engaging in a way that sets the tone for the rest of the semester. The first day is most likely the first time you will present yourself as a teacher; we will talk about what a teaching identity is and how you can figure out yours. While ensuring the information on the syllabus is understood by students, there are other things for you to think about too. You have the opportunity to set the tone and expectations for what is acceptable in your classroom; and most importantly, it is a chance to get to know your students before the academic pressures of the semester set in.

So is this your first time teaching? Not sure where to start on your first day at the head of the class? Jill’s quick slides from The First Day Presentation will introduce you to the most important things you should consider. For instance, have you thought about all of the things that make up your course expectations?

Now you’ve read the slides and you have lots to think about. How can you use those ideas? Try completing Jill’s First Day Workbook. In it you’ll find space to explore how you plan to handle your first day teaching, as well as some examples you can use.

Still Have Questions?

Why not share them here or on our CLEW Discussion Board? The hundreds of members at the Network have all had our first first day as student teachers, and we all have advice to offer. So let us know: What are you most worried about for your first day? What are you still trying to figure out?




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  1. Amy says:

    Oh my lord! I think I really missed something very useful and interesting yesterday due to the weather. I really hope we can have the workshop again because it will be more fun learning these from a real workshop and communicate. Thank you very much!

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