Learn APA from a Cartoon Dragon

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As a wise woman once said, “It’s Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.” So, here we are, on Friday no less, and we’ve decided to get down with comedy because we all lack comedy in our lives. Hopefully something in the selection of links below remedies that. And maybe you learn something.

  • The Internet has matured to the point that you can pretty much assume that there is a “generator” for everything. As Google informed us this week, that includes generators for writing essays. But before you scream out in the name of academic integrity, you should know, there is a lot of assembly required with the Ashford Thesis Generator.
  • By the way, do you find referencing and citation boring? Would you find them less boring if they were taught to you in, say, I don’t know, a cartoon? Of course you would. So of course someone made this video: Adventures in APA Formatting. Warning: May contain talking dragons (just kidding, there’s totally a talking dragon).
  • And speaking of funny…oh you like funny? The University Players are all about funny. This year’s staging of Molière Impromptu promises next level comedy. Tickets are also extremely cheap (just $8!) for UWindsor students.

Happy Friday!


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