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Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment is a half course that will introduce you to the principles and practice of this approach to assessment of student learning. Authentic assessment is an approach that takes into account the contexts in which that learning will actually be used once students leave the university. It is an attempt to assess what students actually know, value, and can do in a way that is well-integrated into the entire learning environment of a course. In this course you will learn how to align assessment with intended learning outcomes, how to design meaningful assessment measures that motivate students and even design assessments that help students learn as they are being assessed.

 Blackboard Learn Training Face-to-face Sessions - Instructors and their Assistants

Blackboard Learn Training Face-to-face Sessions - Instructors and their Assistants

Blackboard Learn is the University of Windsor's learning management system (LMS). It is a robust integrated system, designed to provide an enhanced learning experience for students, an efficient interface for instructors to prepare course materials and interact with students, and offers a customizable infrastructure.

One-on-one Consultations

If you don't see a Name Your Topic! time in the list below that works in your schedule:


This series of workshops is designed to provide valuable information about using and configuring Blackboard Learn for instructors, their assistants, and support staff. Priority for the workshops and sessions will be given to those with teaching assignments or for those supporting an instructional team.

Please ensure you select the level closest to your abilities to ensure that you and fellow participants get the most out of the workshops.

Bb Decaf:

This option will offer a relaxed, and slower-paced workshop by placing an emphasis on step-by-step learning. This category is suitable for the emerging technical explorer or the learner who is new to using learning management systems.

Bb Espresso:

This option will offer a fast-paced more technically driven workshop. This category is suitable for the learner who is confident using learning management system tools, or other online systems, who possesses a high comfort level in learning and adopting new technology.

Online Self-Paced Courses, or Faculty Specific Workshops also Available!

Online Blackboard Training Courses Registration page
Faculty Specific Blackboard Workshops Registration page

Office of Open Learning

Office of Open Learning Workshops (including Blackboard Collaborate Introduction)
Blackboard Learn Training - Online Self-Paced Courses

Blackboard Learn Training - Online Self-Paced Courses

Blackboard Learn is the Learning Management System (LMS) that the University of Windsor supports. These online courses featured below, are designed to provide valuable information and corresponding self-learning activities for instructors and their assistants, to help learn, use and configure Blackboard Learn. Please note, these courses are NOT facilitated, and there won't be any instructor interaction. If you would like face-to-face support we would be happy to help, so check out the Name Your Topic! offerings at http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbworkshops

Course Design

Course Design

This course introduces participants to the principles and practice of effective course design, including developing effective outcomes, devising methods and strategies to help students master difficult concepts and theories, and aligning assessments. Participants will have the opportunity to design (or redesign!) a course of their choosing, receiving feedback at each step. This course is offered in a 6-week format and a one-week intensive format.
CTL Teaching and Learning Workshop Series

CTL Teaching and Learning Workshop Series

The Centre for Teaching and Learning sponsors and facilitates an ongoing series of workshops focussing on the teaching and learning issues that impact on student engagement and the student experience at the University of Windsor. These free events are open to the whole University community and facilitate discussion about strategically important teaching and learning issues for the University.
Early Career Faculty

Early Career Faculty

At this time, there are no upcoming events in "Early Career Faculty".
GATA Winter Academy 2020

GATA Winter Academy 2020

GATA Winter Academy returns on Friday, January 3rd, 2020.

Presented by the GATA Network, GATA Winter Academy 2020 is a full day of intensive professional development workshops for current and prospective UWindsor graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs). Workshops feature material and activities for both new and experienced GAs/TAs.

GATA Winter Academy 2020 will be held on Friday, January 3rd, from 9:00am-2:30pm in the Medical Education Building, Room 3102.

This session will feature three workshops:

  • Leading Effective Discussions
  • Planning Effective Lectures to Enhance Student Engagement
  • Grading and Providing Effective Feedback

Registration is FREE. Participants register for each workshop separately.

***FREE refreshments to be provided.***

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

This is an intensive three day workshop. Each day involves a workshop in the morning, followed by a microteaching session in the afternoon, where each participant will be video-recorded teaching a lesson and will receive constructive written and verbal feedback from the other participants. Participants will also be given a video recording of their lesson each day for review at home. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The Instructional Skills Workshops take place in small group settings and are designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. The facilitators are part of a group of higher education instructors who have undergone training as facilitators in the ISW process.
In the ISW, participants will have opportunities to:

  • work closely with other participants to improve each other's teaching;
  • practice a variety of instructional strategies and techniques;
  • increase awareness of participatory learning concepts;
  • recognize the importance of establishing a positive learning environment; and
  • increase knowledge of yourself as a teacher.

More specifically, participants will practice:

  • using learning objectives to inform learners of expectations and intentions;
  • writing useful, practical lesson plans;
  • using questions and question sequences effectively during a lesson;
  • using basic techniques to test for learning; and
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Please note: this is a three all-day event and you must be able to commit to all three days.

Leading Effective Discussions

Leading Effective Discussions

Leading Effective Discussions is a half-course that will introduce you to the basic skills involved in promoting, leading, and sustaining educationally-effective discussions. The course involves discussion-based active learning lessons and participant-led microteaching sessions. You will have an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice, and receive feedback on your teaching from the other participants.



Lecturing is a half course that will introduce you to basic skills and techniques of communicating successfully to students. In particular you will learn about explaining complex ideas, grabbing and holding attention, phrasing, communicating nonverbally, and generating emotional response.

At this time, there are no upcoming events in "Lecturing".
Special Topics Workshop

Special Topics Workshop

CTL can customize workshops designed to enhance teaching and learning practices at the University of Windsor. These sessions can be based on specialized needs that a group of campus constituents require. Please contact ctlevents@uwindsor.ca to connect with a specialist in your area.
At this time, there are no upcoming events in "Special Topics Workshop".
University Teaching Practicum

University Teaching Practicum

This course takes a practical approach to teaching development and as such, much of the content will be driven by you, the learners. As part of the requirements of this course, you will be an observer and a facilitator in the teaching context. Class meetings will address teaching and learning issues, topics, and concerns that have been identified by the class. You will be expected to come prepared to contribute to the learning of our community by participating in and facilitating discussions of challenges faced in higher education. As this course is the final requirement for participants in the University Teaching Certificate, it will be expected that you have an understanding of the basic principles of higher education. The course also provides you with the opportunity to build on and apply information learned in other courses in the UTC to your own teaching.

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